4 Essential Differences Between Paid Traffic and Free Traffic Methods

Every Affiliate Marketing Business Needs Both.

NOTE: No affiliate marketing business is going to be successful without incorporating BOTH paid and free traffic methods.


Each Method Brings A Different Type of Traffic To Your Sales Funnel.

  • The key to any successful affiliate marketing campaign is getting as much traffic as possible.
  • A steady supply of paid and free traffic will maximize your business success.


The Main Difference Between Paid and Free Traffic.


  • Paid – You have to shell out money.
  • Free – Not really free since you have to invest time and effort to generate it.


The Time Element.


  • Free traffic – can take days or weeks before gaining traction. This can result to lost business and opportunity cost.
  • Paid traffic – can be almost instant or in just a few hours.


Free Traffic Methods.


  • Free traffic methods don’t cost you anything up front.
  • Examples are email marketing, social media marketing, video marketing, SEO, etc.


Paid Traffic Methods.


  • Paid traffic methods cost money upfront.
  • These include buying ppc ads, buying banner ads, solo ads, etc.
  • Best feature: Can be targeted with laser-like intensity.


Facebook and Google Keeps Track of All The Things You “Liked” or Searched For.


  • This means, these sites know the types of things you are interested in.
  • In this manner, they can market to you the products that are related to what you are searching for.


Online Marketing Is More Efficient Than Real World Marketing.

  • If you wanted to sell your car, you could put a classified ad in the newspaper offering your car for sale.


99.9 % of Newspaper Readers Are Not Looking To Buy Any Car.

  • The chances of someone buying your car are lower when posting via classified ads.

If Done Online, You Only Pay When Somebody Who Wants Your Car Clicks On Your Link.


  • You don’t have to pay for 10000 people to see your ad.
  • When you use Google ads or other pay-per-click ads, you are only going to pay when someone clicks on your link.
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