Benefits Of Buying Leads To Promote Your Affiliate Products

Some Lists Are Worth Buying

Do not dismiss buying leads altogether. There is a right and wrong way to do it. Just be careful how to proceed because there are risks.


Buy Leads Only If There Is a High Probability That They Will Convert

Take note that you don’t need a list of people you will be cold-calling via email since it has a lower possibility of converting.


It Pays To Know Your Best Leads

Focus primarily on customers you have interacted with at some point or another.

You’ll find them on your squeeze page, sales page, Youtube or on other social media.


Proceed With Caution When Buying Leads


A company may be worth considering if:

  • You have done business with them in the past or
  • They are recommended by someone you trust.


Beware of Scammers

Some companies may sell cheaper leads but their lists may be filled with dead addresses or emails scraped from other places.



Apart From Being Expensive, Buying Lists May Also Harm Your Reputation

When you buy the wrong list and contact people who have never heard of you before, they can send your emails to their spam folder.


It May Affect Your Email Service In The Future

When your emails are sent to spam, this may lower your sender score.

When this happens, it may affect your domain’s ability to send emails through that email service later on.



Emails Marked As Spam Often May Just End Up In Recipient’s Spam Folders

If marked as spam often, emails may be automatically diverted to spam folders and will not be read by recipients – a total waste of time and money.


You May Get Banned From The Biggest Email Providers

If your unsolicited emails are marked as spam often enough, you may get banned by Gmail and Yahoo.

When this happens, you may have to shut down your website and start over.


Starting Over Can Be Both Costly and Painful

All your efforts will be delayed and the longer you stay offline, the bigger the expenses will add up.

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