Why you should Use Facebook For Paid Marketing

Advertising on Facebook is one of the most affordable ways to promote your affiliate or info product.

It is also one of the most effective.


Facebook Is One of The Most Popular Sites On The Internet

  • Facebook – one of the most popular sites.
  • Facebook can put your ads on the pages of those who have expressed an interest in the type of products and services you provide.



Facebook Is The 2nd Most Popular Website Next to Google

Facebook makes use of targeted advertising.

Facebook can crawl through user profiles to place ads only on pages that mention a specific keyword.


Comparing Facebook With Google

  • Facebook lets you create your own images for your ads.
  • Facebook offers additional character length for ad descriptions.
  • Facebook users are more interactive.
  • Result: Higher retention rate.



Your Facebook Ad Has A Better Chance of Getting Noticed

Facebook ads facilitate multiple views by a single viewer.

Facebook users visit the site several times per day, hence your ad can be seen multiple times.


You Can Tailor Your Ad Campaign Based On Your Budget and Preferences

Facebook gives you two options:

  • Pay per click, or
  • Pay per impression



Facebook Is Also One Of The Most Visited Sites On Mobile Devices

Your Facebook ads can reach your intended clients not only while they are using their computers or laptops but anytime during the day.

Every Facebook User Provides Information About Themselves

Every Facebook Sign Up Provides This Information:

Basic Information such as gender, address, age, etc. which are helpful for the advertiser to tailor their ads to specific targets.

Every person who continues to use Facebook provides more info about their preferences and interests.


Any New Information Is Stored By Facebook To Get Ads In Front Of Best Prospects

Facebook is a great option for affiliate marketers and for people who don’t have a big budget for advertising.

You can get your ads in front of highly-targeted customers for just a few dollars per day.


Your Facebook Ad Should Be Well-Thought Out

A well-planned ad has the following characteristics:

    • The ad should be designed well.


The advertiser should have a clear idea of the:

  • demographics they are trying to reach.
  • what time of day will have the most impact.
  • the rules to be used for controlling daily costs.


Create Effective Rules

How to create effective rules:

  • Temporarily stop ads if they are generating low CTRs or high CPCs.
  • You should be ready for a lot of testing and tweaking.
  • You can try different approaches.

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