Converting Affiliate Products Into Hands-Free Money-Making Revenue Engines

Affiliate Products:

Are the most successful type of internet marketing business.

Are products owned by other people that you simply promote.

Can be physical or digital.


When You Promote and Sell An Affiliate Product You Earn A Commission

How much is a sales commission?

It depends on the product and the terms of the affiliate agreement.

Range: From 3-5% to 75% of the product’s sale price.


The More Customers You Lead To A Seller, The More Money You Can Make

MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) and Affiliate Marketing are similar.

Prime difference between MLM and Affiliate Marketing

You don’t have to buy any products yourself.


What Do You Need To Do?

Lead customers to where they can find the products themselves.


Affiliate Marketing Does Not Have Any Upfront Costs

In affiliate marketing, there are no products to buy, no warehouse, and no inventory you need to be responsible for.


Other Benefits of Affiliate Marketing


You don’t have to:

  • 1) Collect any money or handle any product.
  • 2) Provide any type of customer support.
  • 3) Have your own team of employees.
  • 4) Do anything except your own abilities and an internet connection.


Affiliate Marketing Is An Excellent Highly Profitable Business Model

All you need to do is lead customers to where they can buy the products you are promoting.

You can earn up to 75 or 80% of the sales price in many cases.


Super Affiliates Can Earn More Than A Million Per Year

Super affiliates = people who have quit their full-time jobs to focus exclusively on affiliate marketing.

It is a good business model because of opportunities created by the Internet.

Note: Of the 5 Billion people on the planet, close to ¾ have access to the Internet.


Affiliate Marketing Is A Real & Legitimate Business Model

Affiliate marketing is used by more than 1.5 million people on Clickbank alone.

Affiliate marketing has erupted into enormous popularity because of the Internet.

Why? Most people use the internet to search for products and services they want to buy.

The Worldwide Web Has No Borders

Without international borders, the pool of potential customers is enormous.

Given: There are at least 1 billion people online at any given moment.

Any product you can possibly imagine has buyers out there somewhere.


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