How To Engage Customers Through Social Media

Social media is an important part of any successful internet marketing strategy.

However, not all business owners make effective use of social media strategies.


Learn How To Use Social Media To Properly Engage Your Customers

Engaging your customers in social media is a key aspect of marketing.

Let your customers know that you are paying attention to their comments.


Why is Engagement Important?

Proper engagement:

  • Builds customer loyalty and brand recognition.
  • Is the most cost-effective way to reach out and build your audience.


Determine Your Brand Personality

Develop your own brand personality.

Look at your competitors but don’t copy their style. Use it as a guide to develop the personality of your brand.


Be Consistent With The Content You Deliver

Know what approach you want to take. This should reflect on the content that you create.

Stick with the personality you have chosen and be consistent.


Whenever Possible, Ask Your Customers Questions

Pose questions that encourage comments and responses from your customers.

Just make sure they are relevant to your business, products or services.


Asking Questions Spurs Customer Engagement

Asking questions is one of the simplest methods of spurring customer engagement through social media.

Pay attention to comments and offer responses.

Remember to stick to your brand personality.


Respond To Complaints and Inquiries on Social Media

No need to make the response public, since you can always send a direct message.

Set up an email alert for comments.

Most customers expect a reply within an hour.


Make Sure Your Posts Have Real Value

Share quality content, useful tips, suggestions and news that your customers will appreciate.

Use social media to keep your customers informed, and not just for advertising and promoting your products.

Create a Social Media Schedule

You can use third party apps to schedule your social media posts.

Post on a regular, consistent basis. Set a goal of like posting twice per day on weekdays.


Keep These Tips In Mind

  • Stick with your social media strategy.
  • Remember to respond to customers on social media whenever possible.
  • Be consistent with your brand personality.
  • Pose questions to spur conversation.
  • Focus on content quality.

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