Housewife to CEO – Part III

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Happy Wednesday, last week I shared with you three more reasons why being a housewife became boring for me. To recap, they were; Brain Functionality, Not Being Updated and Feeling of Lack of Achievement. Today I will continue sharing with you the 6th, 7th and 8th reasons… why being a Housewife became boring for me.
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6) Low self-esteem.


Oh boy…. did I look like that?  Yes, I was that!!!!!

Housewives are treated with little to no respect which brings about high chances of developing negative thought patterns. Due to inability to meet financial obligations, they may feel inferior to their husbands. Lack of respect from their children can also lead to low self-esteem.

The lower my self-esteem meter read, the more stressed I became. The ability to work and impact positively on people’s lives is what gives value to life. If you do not see value in your life, no one else will see it. Dignity and respect are cultivated inside of you first before they are realized by someone else.

How I overcame low self-esteem

I began to work! It is as simple as that. To sustain your enthusiasm and focus, you have to choose to work on what you love. In my case, I loved doing business online and therefore online marketing worked well for me. I can now meet my financial obligations and I do not have to depend fully on my spouse for funding. I can also buy my kids stuff that they need. I no longer feel inferior to my husband and my kids respect me more, or should I say, I have earned their respect.


7) Weight problems.


As a housewife, you stand at a high risk of developing problems with your weight such as being obese. One of the causes of over weight is the availability of food. You spend most of your time around the kitchen where there is sufficient food than any other place inside or outside your home. That alone can make you indulge more in unhealthy and persistent poor eating habits. The situation worsens when it is coupled with poor sleep, stress, and emotional factors that usually contribute to obesity.

You should take note that during sleep, the body releases hormones that control appetite and the body’s energy use. Not sleeping well or oversleeping negatively affects the release and regulation of these hormones.

Topped with a tight “housewife” schedule, leaves you with no time to exercise, no energy and increased weight problems.


How I overcame my weight problems

Working everyday forced me to have a schedule that includes waking up time and sleep time. I get just enough rest and as a result my hormones and metabolism are in check. I have never felt healthier. I spend less time in kitchen and I am therefore not tempted, at the sight of food, to eat every now and then. Working requires you to be fit because you have to get out and meet acquaintances every so often. I set time to exercise so that moving around does not become a strain to my muscles. The unnecessary weight I put on while being a housewife is not all gone now. It's a daily battel, but one I enjoy taking on daily.  If you would like to know my secrets to losing this weight, please contact me.  Although, my diet may not be for everyone, it is the one that has worked for me.  Staying fit and keeping my weight in check has done a lot to improve my self-esteem too.  🙂

8) The stigma of gendered house roles.


What was I thinking?  I actually thought that this was supposed to be my “job”.

The fact that a housewife does chores that involve cleaning after everyone makes it hard to blend with career women. Such roles make you feel like a maid hence hindering you from interacting with corporate women who may just happen to be your neighbors. Housework and rearing of kids are also referred to as undervalued or unpaid labor. This is a stigma imposed by the society and bought into fully. There is no way you can escape it without hiding in the comfort of your house.


How I overcame this stigma

Yes, you are a housewife but that is not the only thing you can do. With the time in your hands, you can acquire new skills and re-invent yourself. That is exactly what I did. I learnt to market myself online then market other people businesses too and this newly acquired skill became my source of income. Today I can gladly approach a group of corporate women and have a learned conversation about marketing, sales, products and services. I overcame the stigma associated with being a housewife, not by hiding but by learning and getting out. The fact that I have been a housewife, taken care of my household, my husband and children, I feel is now a plus to share and help others going through what I have as well as a source of inspiration for me.

If you have experience the any of the 3 reasons above or know some one going through them, please share this link with them and your experiences in the comment below. I would really love to hear it from you.

In addition, I have here a Free book (limited time offer) that you can read in your spare time. You will feel motivated to start your own business in this book as it did to me. It helped me become a CEO from just being a housewife. See how this book can help you too.

We will be wrapping up with my 4 part series, Housewife to CEO.  But wait, there is more.  Come back next Wednesday!

Xoxo: Linda Gould


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