Housewife to CEO – Part IV

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I am so excited that you joined me today! You will discover the last 2 of my 10 reasons why for me being a housewife became boring and therefore, I decided to start a business and be my own boss. Because you have read my blog thus far, I believe you are wondering whether you can join me and do what I do. Well, the answer is YES! However, doing what I do or even close may not be for everyone. So, I have a surprise for you. If you have a vision of something better in your future, if your an action-taker and focused, I can show you how. See below, to see how you will be able take advantage of my FREE 7-Steps Course to changing your life from Housewife to CEO.

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9) Sleep deprivation



Most housewives do not get adequate sleep. Most of the time they sleep late and wake up to their duties very early in the morning. When raising little babies, especially those that have trouble sleeping, stay at home mums have to keep watch all night long and take care of them. It’s around the clock kind of job that you cannot afford to sleep on. The constant sleep deprivation leaves you feeling tired all week long.

This may lead to poor long-term health issues if left unchecked. Sleep is important, it is the only way to re-energize your body and stay productive through physical fitness and mental clarity.

How I overcame sleep deprivation

As I mentioned in Part one of my series of postings; I needed to prioritize activities throughout the day and even night, I had to set definitive timelines. I conquered sleep deprivation by creating a schedule of when I would go to bed and exactly when I would get up. Six to seven hours of sleep is enough, and when it’s sleep time, you have to switch off every source of distraction i.e., your cell phone, computer and television and allow yourself to slowly sink into a deep sleep in the comfort of your own bed.

When you get into the habit of sleeping and waking up at certain times, your body will pick it up so fast and you will get used to it. With enough structured sleep, I run my business during the day with a lot of energy and zeal and therefore I am more productive.  Need help in starting out?  I can help you work out a schedule.

10) Fashion


When it comes to fashion, a housewife finds it hard to dress up just as well as women who work in white-collar jobs do. Fashionable clothes and shoes such as high heels cannot be worn when cleaning, running after kids… let alone driving them from one sports activity to the next.  Casual to very casual becomes your new norm. The greatest impediment to diverse dressing is perhaps budgeting for new trends, even, the lack of finances and what about even the time to go shopping for clothes. The amount of money given to the housewife by the spouse is never enough to maintain a high collection of fashionable clothes and shoes. Although your spouse may want you to look your best, at the end of the month… you might have to have a “discussion” about potential over-spending.

Most housewives are also overweight due to their sedentary lifestyles and therefore they cannot fit into their clothes  I found myself simply wearing my husbands sweatpants.  Guess what, I gained more weight!

If you're like me, I have a fat section and a wannabe thin section?  I am finally getting into my thin section and started saving lots of money on food cost as well.

However, fashion trends change so fast, and as a housewife, you do not prioritize these newest trends.  Especially if your wearing sweats most of the week.  Your sense of style may quickly become outdated.  You may even put aside newest technology and the professional courses you learned in school.

How I overcame the degeneration of my fashion and style sense

This kind of takes care of itself when you run your own business and you make it a point of not being homebound. When you have to get out occasionally and meet your business associates, you have to look presentable. This is one of the reasons why I love being able to travel to various training events around the world.  I love to look and feel presentable all the while I love working from home. I'll sort through a couple of clothes every now and then, at shopping malls and stores, I find clothes that would fit an occasion I’ll be attending the next day or in the next week. The best part about this is that I do it for a bigger purpose and not just to remain relevant in fashion and style. I am also able to pay for my dressing through the funds I get from my business.

The image is very important in business. People will take you seriously when you look professional and trendy. Do not shy away from trying out new clothes that make you look good and by the way, here’s a tip: have somebody give you their honest opinion of how you look before you get out there.

In summary,

Housewives stand a high-risk of facing numerous problems. For instance, over dependence on the spouse for financial help makes the husband have an upper hand in marriage.

In case of a disagreement, the husband stands at high chances of winning compared to the wife.
The amount of money given to the housewife by the spouse is never enough to maintain a high collection of fashionable clothes and shoes.

Other problems that you face include lack of respect for children and society.
It also causes illnesses such as obesity, mental illnesses as well as weight management problems.
Housewives also sleep late and wake up early which leads to deprived sleep.

In most cases, we work throughout the day making possibilities of resting slim.

The fact that we spend most of our time confined to our homes makes you have a small social circle, brings about loneliness and isolation. Not to mention if you're a Housewife and a sandwich parent. yes, another future story.

To wrap up

Now that I have shared with you the 10 reasons I decided to start my own business after being a housewife became boring to me. I believe that you have the confidence and the knowledge to get out there and conquer your world. One important thing to remember. You are not alone. Together, we can all achieve success.

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