Increase Your Video Marketing w/ Proper SEO Strategies

Upload Your Video To Your Website Or Social Media Sites

The SEO strategies you’ll use will depend upon where your video is being displayed.

You could add your video to your website, post them on social media or share them on YouTube.


Adding The Video To Your Website Requires The Most SEO

This is where many marketers fail to properly optimize their videos.

You’ll want to use certain metadata on your website to let search engines know what your video is about.

The page where your video is displayed should also be relevant to the video.


Host Or Embed Your Video?

Embedding provides several advantages

You can simply copy and paste the necessary code into your web page or use a plugin that’s compatible with your website builder.



Embedding May Be Easier, But Hosting Can Help With SEO

With embedded videos the link containing your video is more likely to get ranked ahead of your web page.

If your primary reason for creating the video is to drive traffic to your website, or increase search engine rankings, you’ll probably want to host your own videos.


Use HTML5 Or Use A Plugin That Relies On HTML5

Google and other search engines have difficulty crawling iframes.

If you’re manually adding your video, make sure you research all the HTML5 tags needed.

Along with the source, you should include height, width, duration, and any other relevant info that can be contained in HTML5 tags.




Update Your Sitemap And Resubmit Your Sitemap To Google & Others

After adding your video, remember to update your sitemap and resubmit to Google and other search engines.

Planning to post multiple videos? Think about adding a video sitemap.

Proper HTML5 tags and an updated sitemap will allow you to make the most of your SEO.


You Can Also Use YouTube To Reach More Customers

YouTube videos are likely to outrank videos hosted on your website. Keep this in mind.

You might want to post separate videos to YouTube.



Consider Your SEO Strategies When Posting To YouTube

Title should contain up to 65 characters. It should not be vague.

Viewers should know what your video is going to cover based solely on the title.

The description can contain more info but make sure to do your keyword research and include relevant keyword phrases.


Choose The Right Thumbnail For Your Video

You’ll usually have several different options after your video is finished being processed.

Choose the best thumbnail that showcases the content of your video.


Do Not Repeat Content Across Platforms

These SEO tips can also be applied to Vimeo.

Choose YouTube, Vimeo, or self-hosted for each new video that you release.

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