‘Like’ It Or Not, You Need Social Approval Signals To Get Your Pages Ranked

Google changed its search engine algorithm in 2011 and 2012 to put more emphasis on social approval signals.


Online Marketing = Non-Traditional Approach

Every online marketer should keep in mind that selling online should follow a non-traditional approach. You can’t just send ads promoting products to your friends and followers.

To be successful, you have to take the time to develop personal relationships with your customers.


You Want To Identify People Who Are Interested In The Products You’re Promoting

Once you have gained their trust, you can promote your products in the form of product reviews, recommendations and offhand remarks, rather than blatant promotion.


Look for Groups That Are Related To Your Niche, Join and Interact

Join and interact with members of the group.

If you follow somebody, they will usually follow you back.


You Can Also Start Your Own Group And Invite The Members Of Other Groups To Join

Creating your own group or fan page will let you have more control over the content and its distribution.

Having your own fan pages will give you an opportunity to develop relationships with a whole new group of potential customers.


Social Media Marketing Can Be Time-Consuming

Once you’ve identified groups of prospective customers, if you want them to give your links social approval signals, you have to take the time to build relationships with them.


A Great Way To Build Relationships Is To Give Away Valuable Content

The free valuable content should be related to your niche.

These links should be information they will find helpful or useful in their every day lives.



You Can Also Share Some Personal Info About Your Life

Remember you want them to think of you as a friend, not just an internet marketer.

You can post photos, videos, and other links related to your private life so they will feel like they know you better.


Make Positive, Supportive Comments, Show Interest In Their Lives

This is the way you can build relationships with your clients.


Follow The “3:1 Rule”

For every post you make that promotes a product or a service, post at least 3 others that are completely unrelated to any commercial objective.

Always provide valuable content, keeping it upbeat and family-friendly.


Get Personal, Interact and Engage

Don’t forget their personal info. Make every effort to engage them as a friend, and not just somebody trying to sell them something.

Encourage conversations and engage other users in discussions.


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