4 Solutions To Help Improve Your ROI on PPC Adwords Campaigns

Start With Your Choice of Keywords

    • 1) This is a fundamental part of your ad campaign.

  • 2) Use keywords with commercial intent.
  • 3) Find keywords or phrases that contain the intent to buy.



Examples of Keywords That Show Intent


  • 1) Examples of keywords that show intent are buy, purchase, discounts, deals, free shipping and prices.
  • 2) If people are including these terms in their searches, then their intent is likely to make a purchase.
  • 3) They aren’t looking for articles or information but looking to buy something.


Look for Transactional Terms

  • 1) The keywords you use should indicate some intention of completing a transaction.
  • 2) You can add transactional terms in addition to existing keywords.
  • 3) However, once you do this, use the Google Adwords Keyword Planner to research the new keywords and check their search volume and cost per click.


Use Multiple Ads

  • 1) Each campaign should have multiple ads with the same landing page.
  • 2) This makes it easy to compare what works and what doesn’t.
  • 3) Example: Create a text ad for a new product
  • 4) Create 4 or 5 variations of the same ad with different headlines and ad copy.


Each Ad Should Have The Same Settings Other Than The Actual Ad Copy

  • 1) You can then compare the results of each ad within the same campaign.
  • 2) After you’ve compared the results, you can get a better sense of what worked best.
  • 3) Not only should you look at the click-through rate, but also the conversion rates of the traffic per ad.



Gain Insight And Improve Your Campaign With A Bit of Research

  • 1) When you notice major differences between multiple ads for the same landing page, look at the details of the ads.
  • 2) Determine what you did differently with each ad that resulted in different results.
  • 3) This allows you to learn more about the process.


Change Your Target Location Or Region

  • 1) If you’ve done your research, you might notice higher conversion rates from prospects in one area than another.
  • 2) If this is the case, start targeting locations with higher conversion rates with more ads.
  • 3) Increase your spending in these regions and decrease your spending in others.


Avoid Making Too Many Changes At Once


When adjusting or trying to fine tune the results of your campaign, you should only be making one or two changes at a time. Allow your changes to take effect. Don’t rush the process. Wait several days to gather enough data to properly analyze the effects of your changes.


Analyzing Your Google Adwords PPC Campaign Is Not Difficult

  • 1) Start by reviewing your keywords. Consider using transactional terms in your keyword phrases.
  • 2) Use multiple ads. Adjust your spending in specific regions. Avoid making too many changes at once.
  • 3) Take time to pay attention to your results. Make small changes based on the data.


These Same Tips Can Be Applied To Almost Any PPC Ad Campaign

  • 1) PPC ad campaigns can be incredibly effective at helping you gain ready-to-buy visitors.
  • 2) Use PPC ad campaigns as part of your overall online marketing campaign.
  • 3) Set aside a portion of your marketing budget for PPC ads and use these tips to improve your ROI.

Focus on the following tips to improve your ROI on PPC campaigns. To obtain and retain your audience. If you’d like to have access to even more powerful insights on this topic, then get a hold of my eBook available now on Amazon; Housewife to CEO.

For a summary of the above tips, check out the animated video below;


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