5 Often Overlooked Backlink-Building Strategies You Need To Start Using

Backlinks Remain Crucial To Your Rankings

    • 1) However, the amount of work that goes into it can be time-consuming.

  • 2) Over time, you might start to slack off, but your rankings will eventually suffer.


Search For Websites That Review Products


  • 1) Think of something you can give away for free, such as a product or a service, that you sell or give away through your website.
  • 2) It doesn’t have to be one of your main products. It just needs to be something that you can get someone else to review.
  • 3) Reach out to review sites and offer to send them the item for free if they mention it on their site or create a review.


Find Websites That Mention Your Site, But Don’t Have A Link To Your Site

  • 1) Use an online tool, such as BuzzSumo, to search for the websites that mention your brand in one of their web pages.
  • 2) Make a list of these sites and then determine if they’ve included links to your site.



If They Haven’t Provided A Link, They May Simply Not Know Where To Link To

What you can do:

  • 1) Send them an email and ask them if they can include a link.
  • 2) Remember to give them the link that you’d like them to use when you send the email.


You Can Look For Guest Opportunities on Twitter

  • 1) Guest posting is a great way to gain backlinks.
  • 2) Twitter just provides a simple way to find sites that accept guest posts.
  • 3) How? Just use the advanced search feature on Twitter to look for “guest post” or “guest article” along with your niche market.


The Twitter Search Results Should Contain Guest Blog Posts Related To Your Niche

  • 1) Check out some of these links.
  • 2) When following these links, scroll the footer to look for a link related to “guest posts.”
  • 3) Can’t find it? Look for the “Contact Pages” or browse the site for info about their guest post submission guidelines.


Start Using An RSS Feed, If You Don’t Already

  • 1) If you create fresh blog content for your site, you need to have an RSS Feed.
  • 2) It is an easy way to gain repeat traffic, and it could result in additional backlinks.
  • 3) However, you need to take one precaution if you use an RSS feed.



Your RSS Feeds Should Have A Variety of Internal and External Links


  • 1) Linking to other sources is a good way to keep people from stealing your content without your permission. Instead, you’ll be more likely to gain the backlinks that you’re hoping for.
  • 2) At the same time, it helps you maintain a linking structure that includes internal and external links which is good for your SEO.


Focus on Creating High-Quality Content

  • 1) The best way to get people to link to your site is to provide valuable content.
  • 2) This will also help you get shares on social media.
  • 3) By offering high-quality content, you’ll also find it easier to obtain guest posting opportunities.

You Need To Actively Pursue Backlinks And Continue Making It A Priority

  • 1) Backlink building can be a struggle at times, especially when you don’t make it a part of your SEO strategy.
  • 2) You can try to get review sites to review your products/services.
  • 3) You could search for mentions of your site, add an RSS feed, and look for guest posting opportunities.

Focus on these back-link building strategies to improve your site viewership and product purchase. To get more insight on this, join Clickbank University today through this link. 

For a summary of the above tips. Check out the animation video below;

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